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April 2016


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* Membership renewal for 2016

We remind all our members that it is never too late to renew your annual Bernoulli Society membership. You can submit your renewal form by visiting . We would also like to encourage you to diffuse information about special offers and fee reductions available to prospective new members as PhD students, postdocs and career-young researchers.


- Events sponsored and co-sponsored by Bernoulli Society

* Frontier Probability Days 2016, Salt Lake City, May 09-11

The “Frontier Probability Days 2016” is a regional workshop taking place at the University of Utah. Its purpose is to bring together mathematicians, both regionally and globally, who have an interest in probability and its applications. It aims to complement other regional conferences in Probability that are held annually elsewhere in the US. Plenary speakers: Alan Hammond, Kay Kirkpatrick, Tai Melcher, Soumik Pal, Sebastien Roch, Eric Vanden Eijnden, Bálint Virág.

Deadline for registration and proposal of short talks: April 24.

* 4th Institute of Mathematical Statistics Asia Pacific Rim Meeting, Hong Kong, June 27-30

The fourth meeting of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics meeting series, IMS Asia Pacific Rim Meeting, will take place in Hong Kong during June 27-30, 2016. It will provide an excellent forum for scientific communications and collaborations for the researchers in Asia and Pacific Rim, and promote communications and collaborations between the researchers in this area and those from other parts of the world.

Deadline for early-bird registration: April 15.

* Pre-World Congress Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability, Toronto, July 07-08

This two-day event has one day dedicated to academic talks and a short course on big data and is open to all who wish to attend. The second day is a series of talks focused on career development.

Deadline for financial support application: April 08.

* 9th World Congress of Probability and Statistics, Toronto, July 11-15

The 9th World Congress of Probability and Statistics is the latest in a series organized jointly by the Bernoulli Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Held every four years, it is a worldwide event covering all branches of statistics and probability. This includes theoretical, methodological, applied and computational statistics and probability, as well as stochastic processes. The latest scientific developments in all of these fields are showcased.

Confirmed plenary speakers: David Brillinger (Tukey Lecture), Vanessa Didelez (IMS Medallion Lecture), Arnaud Doucet (IMS Medallion Lecture), Sara van de Geer (Wald Lecture), Christina Goldschmidt (IMS Medallion Lecture), Frank den Hollander (IMS Medallion Lecture), Valerie Isham (Bernoulli Lecture), Servet Martínez (Levy Lecture), Pierre del Moral (IMS Medallion Lecture), Byeong Park (Laplace Lecture), Scott Sheffield (Doob Lecture), Ruth Williams (Kolmogorov Lecture), Bin Yu (Rietz Lecture), Ofer Zeitouni (Schramm Lecture).

Deadline for abstract submission: April 22.

* XIV Latin American Congress of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, San José, Costa Rica, December 05-09

The Latin American Congress of Probability and Mathematical Statistics is the main event in probability and statistics in the region, having been held roughly every two or three years for almost 30 years. It is organized under the auspices of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability and the Latin-American Society on Probability and Mathematical Statistics. The series of CLAPEMs has greatly contributed to the development of probability and statistics in Latin America by promoting regional cooperation, increasing the scholarly level of the research work in the region, facilitating the collaboration between Latin American researchers and colleagues from the rest of the world.

Invited speakers: Graciela Boente, Alexei Borodin, Pietro Caputo, Rick Durrett, Onésimo Hernández, Jean-Michel Loubes, Eric Moulines, Susan Murphy, David Nualart, Gavin Shaddick, Barry Simon.

Deadline for early-bird registration: July 15.

- Other events

* 12th Conference on Stochastic Networks, San Diego, June 20-24

This week-long event continues a tradition that was started in 1987 and has now become a biennial event. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers who share an interest in stochastic network models, to survey recent developments, and to identify future research directions.

Speakers: Emmanuel Abbe, Anima Anandkumar, Rami Atar, Francois Baccelli, Maury Bramson, Guy Bresler, Fan Chung Graham, Jim Dai, Itai Gurvich, Weining Kang, Tom Kurtz, Mark Lewis, Yi Lu, Siva Maguluri, Laurent Massoulie, Angelia Nedich, Kavita Ramanan, Philippe Robert, Neil Walton, Galit Yom Tov, Bert Zwart.

* 26th Nordic Conference in Mathematical Statistics, Copenhagen, June 27-30

The bienniel NORDSTAT conference is organized under the auspices of the Nordic and Baltic statistical societies. This year the Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics is organizing the meeting at the North Campus of University of Copenhagen. The invited sessions cover statistical theory and methodology, probability theory and applications to e.g. city planning, demography and forensics. All participants are encouraged to contribute to the poster session with preceding flash talks.

Plenary speakers: Ingrid Glad, Marloes Matthuis, Richard Samworth, Jonathan Tawn, Arnaud Doucet, Jonathan Taylor and David Lando.

Deadline for early-bird registration: April 11.

* XX Brazilian School of Probability, São Carlos, July 04-09

The year 2016 marks the twentieth edition of the Brazilian School of Probability. Over the years, the EBP series has been instrumental in shaping the directions and interests of Brazilian probabilists, and has contributed to the vigorous growth of our area in the country. Strong international participation has been both a major cause and a positive consequence of these developments. The same is true about the continued support EBP has received from funding agencies and major academic institutions in Brazil.

Minicourses: Sebastien Bubeck and Serguei Popov.

Deadline for financial support and contributed talks or posters: May 01.

* 4th International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics, A Coruña, June 15-17, 2017

The purpose of the series of workshops called International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics is to highlight the major trends in different areas of functional statistics through the exchange of ideas and the promotion of collaboration between researchers from different countries. It aims at contributing to future developments of such areas.


Job offers can range from graduate scholarships to full Professor positions, in Probability, Mathematical Statistics, and related areas. Those who are aware of public calls for applications may send a contribution directly to the e-Briefs Editor.

* Full and Associate Professor, University of London

The Department of Statistics of the London School of Economics is seeking to make a senior appointment in the field of Data Science. An enthusiastic individual is sought for this unique opportunity to take a key role in developing the data science dimension of a distinguished statistics department and to participate in collaborative activities addressing exciting data science challenges across one of the world’s foremost social science universities.

Deadline: April 17.

* Instructorships in Mathematics, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The School of Basic Sciences at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne invites applications for several full-time instructorships in mathematics, starting from 1 September 2016 or later. The term of the position is two years, with the possibility of extension for another two years. EPFL salaries for instructors are highly competitive. In addition, instructors receive substantial yearly budget for travel expenses and other expenditures.

Deadline: April 30.

* Postdoctorate, University of Michigan

Postdoctoral fellow in the Statistical Reinforcement Learning Group led by Dr. Susan Murphy. The successful applicant will be expected to develop an innovative research program in multistage decision making with a focus on mobile health.

Deadline: July 01.


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