Why join the Bernoulli Society

Stochastics is the paradigm of the 21st Century, as has been highlighted, amongst others, by Peter Jagers, former President of the Bernoulli Society (see "A Word from the President" in Bernoulli News Vol. 12, No.2, 2005). This is a challenge for probability, statistics and stochastic processes as a whole, not specific or exclusive to a single society or institution. This calls for the existence of several strong worldwide scientific and professional societies in these fields that assure equilibriums and necessary broadness of views.

Joining the Bernoulli Society is a way of supporting connections across the worldwide community of statisticians and probabilists. Getting involved in the Bernoulli Society is an excellent way of making scientific friends across the world. This can be done by running conferences; serving on the several Society committees; sharing news and information with other members through the Bernoulli Website and/or Bernoulli News; attending meetings; presenting initiatives, etc.

Like all sciences, probability and mathematical statistics are disciplines which know no boundaries. Joining the Bernoulli Society is one way to express this in tangible form - and is an important step towards establishing a broad global network of professional relationships to sustain one's professional career over the long term.

As an incentive to become a member, the Bernoulli Society offers:

  • 50% fee reduction for the first year of membership of new members.
  • PhD Students join at a reduced rate.
  • Certain categories such as members from developing countries receive a 60% fee reduction.
  • There is also an option to become a Joint Member of BS-IMS at a reduced rate.
  • ISI elected members have an option to become a Joint Member of ISI-BS-IMS at a reduced rate.

All the above members receive the full membership benefits of a regular member. We welcome you to apply for a membership and consult the detailed membership information.

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