A recommendation from Presidents of BS and IMS

The annual meeting of officials of the Bernoulli Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics was organized on September 6th, 2022,  on zoom platform and with kind support of Elyse Gustafson. The IMS was represented by Peter Bühlman (President) and Krzysztof Burdzy (Past President).  The author of this note was the only representative of the BS, as Victor Panaretos (President-Elect) had to chair an ad-hoc celebration organized by his mother institution (Institute of Mathematics, EPFL)  to honor Maryna Viazovska,  the Fields Medalist 2022.

During the discussion we exchanged impressions on recent conferences organized in person, not in hybrid or online modes. Among several topics one was particularly dominating and the Presidents decided to give a special wording to it.

The World Congress itself should be held in person. Keynote speakers are expected to give their lectures in person. If a keynote speaker cannot attend in person, the lecture will be rescheduled.


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