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Announcements and News

We are pleased to announce the series SpringerBriefs in Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Published by Srpinger under the auspices of the Bernoulli Society, SpringerBriefs present concise summaries of cutting-edge research and practical applications across a wide spectrum of fields. M. Podolskij is serving as Editor-in-chief, and N. Gantert, R. Nickl, S. Péché, G. Reinert, M. Rosenbaum, and W.B. Wu as Series Editors.

We are pleased to announce the named lectures for the 9th World Congress of Probability and Statistics. The main plenary speakers are:
- Sara van de Geer (Wald Lecture)
- Bin Yu (Rietz Lecture)
- Scott Sheffield (Doob Lecture)
- Ofer Zeitouni (Schramm Lecture)
- Byeong Park (Laplace Lecture)
- Valerie Isham (Bernoulli Lecture)
- Ruth Williams (Kolmogorov Lecture)
- Servet Martinez (Levy Lecture)
- David Brillinger (Tukey Lecture)
- Frank den Hollander (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Vanessa Didelez (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Christina Goldschmidt (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Arnaud Doucet (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Pierre del Moral (IMS Medallion Lecture)

The Bernoulli Society is introducing new membership structure which will replace the current one from year 2016. The new membership categories include:
- Regular Member: members from developed countries;
- Reduced Rate Member: members from developing countries, first two years of postdoc, retired members, couple members;
- First Year Member: first year membership for regular members;
- Joint Member: BS-IMS and BS-IMS-ISI members;
- Student Member: free membership for PhD students;
- Life Member.

From now on, members of the Bernoulli Society can get the corresponding discounted price directly from the publisher webpage at Therefore, no more orders or payments should be sent to the ISI/BS office.

The European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society invites bids to host the European Meeting of Statisticians in 2019. Each bid should be set to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by January 31.

The Bernoulli Society General Assembly will be held at the 60th World Statistics Congress - ISI2015, Rio Janeiro (see Events below) on Friday, July 30 at 12:30. You are warmly encouraged to attend!

Evarist Giné-Masdéu passed away on the 13th of March in Hartford, Connecticut. He has been a main contributor and co-creator of several branches of modern probability theory that have been profoundly influential, in particular in statistics and learning theory. Evarist was made a fellow of the IMS in 1984, elected member of the ISI in 1991, became a corresponding member of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans in 1996, and gave a Medallion lecture at the 2004 world congress of the Bernoulli society in Barcelona. A conference was held on the occasion of Evarist’s 70th birthday in June 2014 in Cambridge, UK, to honour his mathematical achievements. The great respect and admiration for his mathematics and his great personality were shared by the many friends and colleagues. That Evarist is gone leaves a great emptiness in the mathematical community. For those who knew him personally and worked with him, he will always remain a great friend with whom they spent endless hours talking mathematics at the board or in his warm and hospitable house.

The Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability welcomes nominations for the third Wolfgang Doeblin Prize to be awarded at the 9th World Congress of Probability and Statistics, Toronto 2016. Each nomination should offer a brief case in support and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by November 30.

Founded in 2011, the prize is awarded bi-annually to a single individual for outstanding research in the field of probability theory, and who is at the beginning of their mathematical career.

The Bernoulli Society has great pleasure in announcing that Professor Herold Dehling of Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum will serve as the next Editor-in-Chief of the Elsevier journal Stochastic Processes and their Applications, in succession to the current Editor-in-Chief, Professor Takashi Kumagai. Professor Dehling informs us that the effective date of handover will be April 1, 2015, and that his term of service concludes end March 31, 2018. We are extremely grateful to both these distinguished scientists for their tireless and influential service, both past, present and future.

The International Mathematical Union (IMU) is supporting via the IMU Itô fund, the IMU Itô Travel Awards to invite young mathematicians to attend the Symposium “Stochastic Analysis”, which is taking place at RIMS, Kyoto University, from 7 to 11 September 2015, as part of a celebration of the centennial anniversary of the birth of Professor Kiyosi Itô.

Those eligible to apply are PhD students and researchers who received their PhD within the past 8 years.

The support consists of travel grants of two types:
a) full support (up to 250,000 Japanese yen to support travel and local expenses),
b) partial support (up to 150,000 Japanese yen). The selection of awardees is made by an international committee appointed by RIMS in consultation with the IMU.

The payment will be given according to the regulations of Kyoto University.

Individuals wishing to apply for the award should send their CV and a short summary of his/her research to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and ask their supervisor (or another academic who knows his/her research well) to send a reference letter to the same email address. The deadline of the application (including the reference letter) is 5 June 2015.

Note that all talks at the Symposium are invited plenary talks, so there will be NO contributed talks.

We hope that many PhD students and young researchers come and participate!

Takashi Kumagai
(Chair of the Selection Committee)

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