Publications Committee

The committee advises the Executive Committee on all aspects of publication and approves the policies of the Bernoulli Society in this area. In particular, it assesses the long-term welfare of the publications the society is involved in - alone or jointly with other societies. An important activity of the committee is the search for chief editors of the publications, and negotiations with publishers and other partners. The chairman is a member of the Publications Committee of the International Statistical Institute to ensure strong relations with our umbrella organization.

Committee Members

Mark Podolskij (Luxembourg, Chair, until summer 2026)

Nancy Reid  (Canada, ex-officio as incoming president, until summer 2025)
Holger Dette (Germany, ex-officio as former EIC of Bernoulli)
Vladas Pipiras (USA)
Florence Merlevede (France)
Siva Athreya (India) 
Irene Gijbels (Belgium)
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