Willem van Zwet Medal for special service to the Bernoulli Society

This biennial Bernoulli Society Medal aims to recognise special service to the Bernoulli Society. The Medal is in honour of Willem van Zwet, who served Bernoulli Society and its aims in many special ways. Nominees should have records of sustained and distinguished service to the Society.


Nomination can be made of any member of Bernoulli Society, who has not previously been elected President.

 Nominations should be communicated by email to the chair of the Willem van Zwet Medal Committee by the declared deadline (see below), and should be signed by two members of the Bernoulli Society. They must include the name, affiliation, and brief curriculum vitae of the nominee, and a statement of no more than 1000 words summarising the case for nomination.

At most one award is made every two years. The medal will be awarded at a ceremony during the next World Congress. The recommendation will be based on sustained excellent service to further the aims of the Bernoulli Society. Excellence in research will not be taken into account, as this is recognised by other Bernoulli Society awards.


Previous winners 

  •     Professor Maria Eulalia Vares in 2021
  •     Professor Thomas Mikosch in 2023


The Willem van Zwet Medal Committee

The committee has three members, at least one being a past president who will act as chair, each member serving a term of up to five years. New committee members and chair are proposed by the current and incoming Bernoulli Society Presidents after consultation with the Executive Committee of the Bernoulli Society.


Present members of the committee:

(from Jan 2023) Victor Perez Abreu (chair), CIMAT, Mexico;

(from Jan 2021) Florencia Leonardi, University of São Paulo, Brazil;

(from Jan 2021) Byeong U. Park, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea.


Past members of the committee:

(Jan 2021-Dec 2022) Wilfrid S. Kendall (chair), University of Warwick, UK 


About Willem van Zwet

This medal is inspired by the dedicated service of Willem van Zwet, who passed away on July 2, 2020. Willem was a major figure for Bernoulli Society and for our community as a whole. In particular, in the decade commencing 1970, he was among the founding fathers of the Bernoulli Society. He served as President of Bernoulli Society (1987-1989) and as Editor in Chief of the Bernoulli Journal (2000-2003). He was the driving force behind the creation of Eurandom, the European Institute for Stochastics in Eindhoven, serving as Eurandom’s founding director (1997-2000). The medal also honours his significant and unceasing support of statisticians behind the iron curtain, which had a major impact there and earned him an honorary doctorate from Charles University. Willem van Zwet's life is an inspiration for future generations of Bernoulli members.



The deadline for nominations was noon UTC, Monday 22 July 2024.


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