The David Cox Medal for Statistics

The David Cox Medal for Statistics commemorates the pioneering statistical work of Sir David Cox in the fields of statistical theory, methodology and applications.

Three medals are awarded every three years by the Bernoulli Society in partnership with the American Statistical Association (ASA), the International Biometric Society (IBS), the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), the International Statistical Institute (ISI), and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).

The awards will be made for the first time in 2025.


The award will recognise mid-career individuals, with an age limit of 50 (with exceptions made for mitigating circumstances such as career breaks). The awardees’ research will be original, with conceptual depth and novelty, moving the field or a substantive application area forward.

Candidates for the award will be assessed based on a specified body of work, with a limit of up to five papers. It is not necessary for nominees to be members of any of the partner societies.

Remit of the Prize Committee

The Prize Committee consists of one representative from each partner society, the chair of which will rotate between partners on each cycle.  The committee remit is to receive and consider the nominations and to come to an agreement on the medal recipients.


Peter McCullagh (chair) – Bernoulli Society

Tom Belin - ASA

Ruth Keogh - IBS

Eric B Laber - IMS

Judy Wang - ISI

Sylvia Richardson - RSS

Remit of the Search Committee

The Search Committee consists of two representatives from each partner society, the chair of which will rotate between partners on each cycle.

The value of establishing a search committee will be to ensure consistency of calibre of nominations, to ensure the search is wide and deep and that nominations reflect the diversity of the statistical community. 

The Search Committee does not preclude nominations coming from other sources – it is intended as an additional method.


Andrea Rotnitzky (chair) - ASA

Richard Davis – Bernoulli Society

Alan Welsh - IBS

Tom Louis - IBS

Jianwen Cair - IMS

Veronika Rockova - IMS

Byeong Park - ISI

Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva - ISI

Christl Donnelly - RSS

Idris Eckley - RSS

Nominations for the inaugural presentation of the 2025 David Cox Medal for Statistics are now open and will be closing on 31 October 2024.

Nominate for the 2025 David Cox Medal:

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