European Regional Committee

Some recent and forthcoming events

The list below recalls some events held under the auspices of the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society. Other activities connected with the Bernoulli Society, but not necessarily with the European Regional Committee, are listed within the BS Meetings page and in the appropriate section of Bernoulli News.

Upcoming events


    Bernoulli announces a call for proposals for the European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS) 2026 and 2028. The European Meetings of Statisticians are central events for statistics and probability in Europe and worldwide. The meetings should be the natural forum where all European statisticians and probabilists meet to exchange ideas and learn about the latest scientific developments. The EMS is typically held in June or July at a time of year that helps maximize attendance, although timing may vary depending on the local circumstances of the chosen venue. The venue should be a location accessible to a large proportion of Bernoulli membership and European researchers.

    Anyone interested in hosting either EMS 2026 or EMS 2028 should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  who can provide detailed information for guidance on what is required. Pre-proposals to host EMS 2026 are encouraged to be sent by June 15, 2024 and will receive prompt feedback. Proposals are expected to be finalized by July 31, 2024.

Recent events

  • 32nd European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS) in Palermo, Italy, July 22-26, 2019;
  • 21st European Young Statisticians Meeting in Belgrade July 29-August 02, 2019; conference website
  • 22nd European Young Statisticians Meeting in Athens, Greece, September 6 - 10, 2021; conference website
  • 33rd European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS) in Moscow, Russia, July 18-22, 2022 (cancelled)
  • 34th European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS) in Warsaw July 3-7, 2023 conference website;
  • 23rd European Young Statisticians Meeting (EYSM), Ljubljana, online, conference website


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