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Recommendations on the organization of the European Young Statisticians Meeting (EYSM)

The original guidelines for the EYSM were written by Paul Embrechts in 1986. In 2007, Adelchi Azzalini added some remarks and recommendations to help the EYSM organizers. This document can be considered a revised and updated set of recommendations based on the traditions and experiences of the more recent meetings.

The original guidelines continue to form the official framework for the organization of the EYSM, which has been organized every second year since 1981. As is emphasized in the guidelines, the meeting is organized "by young statisticians for young statisticians", and the responsibility of its organization lies with the International Organizing Committee (IOC). This set of recommendations should help clarify how the IOC is formed, how it should act, what the responsibilities of the IOC are, how it can interact with the European Regional Committee (ERC) of the Bernoulli Society (BS), and how the guidelines should be interpreted today.


The IOC consists of a relatively large group of young statisticians. It is the responsibility of the IOC of meeting n-1 to suggest a new IOC for meeting n.

Although the guidelines suggest that IOC members are preferably not selected among previous participants, the tradition is that the majority of IOC members are former EYSM participants. This tradition has worked in practice, and the selection of the IOC can continue along this tradition as long as it is ensured that:

  • the IOC represents young European statisticians in terms of geography and research interests
  • the IOC is composed to ensure diversity as much as possible

The IOC should adequately inform about the EYSM. This includes as a minimum announcements about the meeting in Bernoulli News, Bernoulli Society Bulletin e-Briefs and the ISI Newsletter. This is to ensure that the meeting is widely known, so that all interested parties have the possibility to suggest IOC members and participants (participation is by invitation only; see the section “Invitation of Participants”).

The local organizers

The IOC of meeting n - 1 should suggest a venue and a local organizing committee for meeting n. Often one or more participants of meeting n-1 suggest themselves to the IOC of meeting n-1 as candidates for the local organization of meeting n. Otherwise, the IOC will have to find the next local organizers. As for the IOC, the local organizers should be young statisticians.

At least one of the local organizers of meeting n should be an IOC member of meeting n. Moreover,  a local organizer of meeting n-1 should be an IOC member of meeting n, to ensure continuity.

The relation to the ERC

After consultation with the IOC of meeting n-1, the ERC must approve the IOC, the venue and the local organizing committee of meeting n. The ERC also ensures that the newly appointed organizers know the guidelines and this set of additional recommendations. The ERC usually appoints a member of its Conference Committee to act as liaison between EYSM organizers and the ERC.

Invitation of participants

Participation in EYSM is by invitation only. The IOC is responsible for selecting and inviting participants according to the guidelines. It is emphasized that the age requirements should be enforced, and that first time participants should be given preference. 

It is the responsibility of the IOC to ensure diversity among the participants in terms of geography and research interests as well as in all other ways. To this end, the IOC should reach out to their own networks, to former IOC-members, senior BS (ERC and non-ERC) members, as well as other senior European statisticians for suggestions. Such suggestions must remain exactly that, with the final decision about invitations resting with the IOC.


According to the guidelines, each participant must give a 20 minute talk. Although this is not mentioned in the guidelines, it has also become a tradition that some (senior) keynote speakers are invited. This tradition is aligned with the idea of the EYSM to be "an introduction to the international scene within the broad subject area". Therefore, this tradition can be maintained, but it should not interfere with the EYSM being a meeting "for young statisticians". It is recommended that the number of keynote speakers is limited to 3-5.

Other remarks

Senior researchers and the ERC can help the local organizers with advice on for example fundraising or the practical organization of local arrangements. It is, however, not advisable that senior researchers are given any formal role at the EYSM, except for the few keynote speakers and possibly for an opening welcome or similar activities.

Niels Richard Hansen
July, 2020

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