Statutes of the Latin American Association of Probability and Mathematical Statistics and the Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society

  1. The name of the Association shall be the Latin American Society of Probability and Mathematical Statistics (SLAPEM). This society will be the Latin American Regional Chapter (LARC) of the Bernoulli Society as well as a member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Its members will be all Latin American, or based at a Latin American institution.
  2. Members of LARC are automatically members of the SLAPEM. Non LARC members must apply and be approved by the Committee described in Article 4. Non LARC members must pay an annual fee of 20 dollars for professors and 10 dollars for students.
  3. The objects of the SLAPEM are the following
    1. Promote regional cooperation in the sciences of probability theory and statistics and their applications in accordance with the objectives of the Bernoulli Society.
    2. Promote events and activities in probability theory and statistics in the region including events focused on theoretical and methodological developments and fields of application of interest in the scientific and social context in Latin America.
    3. Promote and sponsor collaboration programs among the countries of the region in order to stimulate research and promote teaching programs.
    4. Design and promote activities tending to increase interest in the field among students and young researchers.
  4. The Latin American Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society, hereafter referred to as the Committee, shall consist of eight members of the SLAPEM.
    1. All members shall be elected for four year periods and half the members of the Committee shall be renewed every two years.
    2. None of the members can be reelected until after a two year period after leaving the Committee.
    3. Among the four new members elected for each renovation of the Committee no two can belong to the same country.
    4. During the year preceding a renovation, the Committee will nominate a number of candidates equal to the number of vacant places. On the other hand, any group of at least three members of SLAPEM is entailed to nominate candidates willing to belong to the Committee. A call for candidates shall be publicly and opportunely announced through the ISI Newsletter and the Bernoulli Briefs. A complete list of candidates will be published in the first edition of the ISI Newsletter and the Bernoulli Briefs for the year of the election. It the number of candidates is equal to the number of vacant places all candidates shall be considered elected. If the number of candidates is greater than the number of vacant places, an election among members of SLAPEM shall be organized by the Committee. The election will take place in March and the new members’ term shall begin on April first of the corresponding year.
    5. If, by resignation or abandonment of the Society, a member of the Committee should leave their position, the remaining members shall designate a new member until the remaining of the designation term.
  5. The Committee shall be represented by a President, elected by simple majority among the members of the Committee immediately after each renewal and for a non-renewable two year period. To be eligible the President must be a member of the LARC. Other members of the Committee can be designated as Program Coordinators according to the Committee’s requirements. When a former President is no longer an ordinary member of the Committee during the following two year period he (she) shall be included as a non-voting member.
  6. The principal regional event is the CLAPEM (Latin American Congress in Probabilities and Mathematical Statistics). It shall be held every two years at a venue selected by the Committee. During this event a General Assembly of all members of SLAPEM must take place. The CLAPEM will also include the “Francisco Aranda Ordaz” awards for the best doctoral thesis in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics of a Latin American student. The Committee may also promote or sponsor any other scientific activity in accordance with its objectives.
  7. The “Francisco Aranda Ordaz” awards shall be called upon six months before the CLAPEM by the Committee. At this time the Committee must designate a jury composed of three researchers of the region, belonging to different countries, for each prize in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. Among each jury there must be a president who will be charged of coordinating the submission process. Presentation of candidates will close four months prior to the CLAPEM and may include any doctoral thesis approved by a Latin American student during the period following the closure of the previous call. The jury will decide by majority of its members. Winning thesis as well as any mentions the jury decides upon shall be announced publicly during the CLAPEM. Winners shall be invited to present their results at the “Francisco Aranda Ordaz” conference.
  8. Changes of these statutes may be initiated upon demand of 10% of the members of SLAPEM, six members of the Committee or upon decision of the General Assembly. The procedure to follow will be established by the Committee.


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