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Dario Spanò (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by August 31, 2013.


* Special Invited Paper: “Tercentennial Anniversary of Bernoulli's Law of Large Numbers”. A joint initiative of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society and the Bernoulli Society. The 2013 July (3) issue of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society contains a special invited article by Professor Manfred Denker entitled “Tercentennial Anniversary of Bernoulli's Law of Large Numbers” (Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 50 (2013), 373-390). This article provides an interesting and informative historic perspective on some contemporary advances in probability and statistics that can be traced back to the publication of Jacob Bernoulli's “Ars Conjectandi”. A brief commentary by Bernoulli Society President Edward Waymire (Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 50 (2013), 469-472) is also included in this issue intended to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the publication of “Ars Conjectandi”. See

* 9th World Congress in Probability and Statistics. The 9th World Congress in Probability and Statistics will be held in Toronto, Canada during the summer of 2016.  Watch for more details in future issues of EBriefs and Bernoulli News as this exciting program develops. The World Congress in Probability and Statistics is a collaboration between the Bernoulli Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.


* 2013 International year of Statistics – Two online tools have been made available to facilitate the circulation of relevant information about 2013IYOS events: you are encouraged to: (i) submit information to be published as an entry in Statistics 2013 Activities Calendar  at ; (ii) submit reports and photos to be published in IYStat News by visiting .


2.1- Events (co)-sponsored by BernSoc.

* 2013 International Year of Statistics events. A complete list of all events co-sponsored by the Bernoulli Society is available at

* Four exciting events taking place in Guanajuato (Mexico):

* "Recent Trends in Stochastic Analysis" UBC Vancouver, July 22 to 26, 2013.

    • It is the conference celebrating the 60th birthdays of Martin Barlow and Ed Perkins. The main topics include stochastic partial differential equations, measure valued processes, random walks in random media, Dirichlet forms and diffusions on fractals. For further information, registration information and list of speakers, please see the conference website .

* Third International Conference on Random Dynamical Systems, S.S. Chern Inst. of Math, Tianjin, China, July 15-18, 2013.

* EMS2013. The 29th European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS2013). Budapest, Hungary, 20-25. July 2013.

* SPA 2013. The 2013 congress in Stochastic Processes and their Applications. Boulder, University of Colorado,USA, July 29 - August 2. List of 18 plenary speakers and 17 Invited sessions available at .

    • - Professor Gérard Ben Arous, Director of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the New York University will present the Lévy Lecture, the prestigious plenary lecture sponsored by the journal Stochastic Processes and their Applications.

      -The call for contributed talks is now closed but the organizers anticipate being able to accommodate a small poster session during the meeting.  Please email Brian Rider (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further information.

* A public lecture, co-sponsored by the Bernoulli Society, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and Canadian Statistical Society will be delivered by David Spiegelhalter, Cambridge University, on August 7, 2013, at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Montreal, CA.  The title of the lecture is "From gambling to global catastrophe: metaphors and images for communicating numerical risks".

* XVII EBP Brazilian School of Probability. Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro, August 4-10, 2013.

    • - The EBP is an annual event. This 17th edition is organized by IM-UFRJ and IMPA. Minicourses by Martin Hairer (Warwick) and Errico Presutti (Roma). List of invited lecturers already available at:

      - There will be also space for short communications and poster sessions. Updated information at the conference website

* Building Bridges: Probability, Statistics and Applications, August 13—August 16, 2013, TU Braunschweig, Germany.

* Conference on "Precipitation Extremes in a Changing Climate", September 24-29, 2013, Hejnice, Czech Republic.

    • The conference aims to bring together scientists working in the fields of climatology, meteorology, hydrology and mathematical statistics, to discuss recent advances and possible future directions of research related to precipitation extremes.

      The conference is part of the "KLIMATEXT Project"( and the Bernoulli Society Committee on Probability and Statistics in Physical Sciences ( is represented in the conference's Organizing Committee).

* International Conference “Ars Conjectandi 1713 - 2013,”October 15-16, 2013, Basel, Switzerland.

    • The event, organized by the Swiss Statistical Society and co-sponsored by BerSoc, ISI, IMS, will be held in the city birthplace of Jakob Bernoulli. The conference will take place at the Congress Center Basel (, which is located right in the centre of Basel. Further information, including the list of speakers, available at

* ICAS VI Sixth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics. Rio de Janeiro, October 23 - 25, 2013. .

* SPA 2014. The 2014 congress in Stochastic Processes and their Applications will take place in Buenos Aires (Argentina), during the week July 28 - August , 2014.

2.2- Other events

* 59th ISI WSC 2013, 25-30 August 2013 in Hong Kong

- Extended deadline for submission of proposals for the Special Topic Sessions (STS): 30th June 2012. ISI and Associations’ members, ISI Committees and other organizations are encouraged to submit their proposals by completing the  proposal form located at


* The publishing company Elsevier and the journal Stochastic Processes and Their Applications - An Official Journal of the Bernoulli Society - sponsor the conference with two Elsevier Travel Grants worth 500 Euros each. The grants will be awarded to the following young researchers:

• Jian Song (University of Hong Kong)

• Alexandre Stauffer (Università Roma Tre)


* George Edward Pelham Box FRS died on 28 March 2013. He was 93 years old. Box was an English statistician, who worked in the areas of quality control, time-series analysis, design of experiments, and Bayesian inference. His name is associated with results in statistics including Box–Jenkins models, Box–Cox transformations, Box–Behnken designs.

* Kenneth Ira Appel has died in April 19, 2013. Appel was an American mathematician best known for proving, in 1976 with colleague Wolfgang Haken at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the four-color theorem, one of the most famous problems in mathematics.



* Special issues for 2013 International Year of Statistics

    - The forthcoming special issue of the journal Stochastic Processes and their Applications (SPA) on the occasion of the 2013 International Year of Statistics, edited by Rainer Dahlhaus, Jean Jacod, Per Mykland and Nakahiro Yoshida, can be downloaded (with permanent free open access) from the SPA website: This special issue also celebrates 40 years of SPA.

    -Special Issue of the Bernoulli Journal (BJ) in 2013. Thomas Mikosch and Richard Davis were appointed as guest editors of this special issue. It will consist of a series of invited papers to provide a glimpse at future directions in probability and statistics from new application areas, to the development of new models, to the emerging interfaces between statistics and probability with other sciences as well as essays on the future of probability and mathematical statistics. This issue will be published in addition to the four numbers of the an-nual volume and will have universal electronic open access.

* Recent issues:


- BERNOULLI  19 (1-2)

- SPA 123 (4-8)

* Co-sponsored open access publications:

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