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Following the negotiations which took place during 2007 involving the Bernoulli Society, the Editorial Board of the journal Stochastic Processes and Their Applications (SPA) and Elsevier, advantageous changes regarding publishing and pricing policy have been agreed upon.
Effective as of January 2008, the following will apply:
All 'ScienceDirect' subscribers to the journal will have access back to 1995. This change will take effect automatically in January 2008. The reduced "alternative subscription" to the Journal will provide the same ScienceDirect access as the "standard subscription", including the new access back to 1995.
All papers published from 2008 will be made freely available to all readers, whether subscribers or not, four years after publication, via ScienceDirect -- delayed Access.
Members of Bernoulli Society will continue to have free online access back to Volume 1, Issue 1 - a real benefit of Bernoulli Society membership. A low price print subscription is also available to members. More information can be obtained at the website of the Journal:

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